Storytelling: Part 2

Today we looked at a number of different examples of ways to tell a story, or rather some examples. We looked at pictures of Native artifacts, Egyptian paintings, cave drawings, a short movie with no words, a dance, a song from a movie, and there are still so much more! My personal favourite way of sharing a story is through dance. I am definitely not even close to a dancer, but I love to watch it!

What is your favourite way to hear or share a story? Why? 

Do you think it is important to continue to tell stories? Why or why not? 

I wasn’t able to post this before now, which I am sure all of you munchkins are already in bed! If you check in the morning, please leave a comment! If not, that’s ok! I would love to read your posts on the weekend too!

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  1.   Katia on October 17th, 2015          Reply

    My favourite way to tell a story is around a camp fire, because you can make it up.

    It is important to continue telling stories because it would make some people sad if there were no more stories.

  2.   Kayla on October 18th, 2015          Reply

    my favrit way to tele a story is by siting in bed with my Granny and she useis her amaganashoto tele a story.That makes me use my amaganashon so I can tela a funny story.

  3.   Teagan on October 19th, 2015          Reply

    My favourite way to tell a story is to look at pictures because you can make up your own words. It would be sad if you stopped telling stories because its special family time we have together.

  4.   Keaton on October 19th, 2015          Reply

    My favorite way is talking cause it easiest and movie cause we do it as family

  5.   Keaton on October 19th, 2015          Reply

    It is important cause that is his we find out about things like my papa told my dad stories and now my dad tells me the same stories it passed onto the next generation!

  6.   Cassie on October 19th, 2015          Reply

    I like watching plays. Last year I read the book Charlottes Web with my mom and then we went to see the play. I liked the play a lot better. It is important to keep telling stories because it makes your brain smarter.

  7.   shaliyah on October 30th, 2015          Reply

    mrs. plett your the best teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •   Christine Plett on November 2nd, 2015          Reply

      Haha thanks Shaliyah! I think that you are pretty awesome too 🙂 I’m glad you were able to leave a comment!!

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