Today, the kids conferenced in groups of 3 to brainstorm ideas about all the different ways to tell a story. Some of the ideas that were shared are:

~ pictures
~ military codes
~ cave drawings
~ sign language
~ books
~ songs (lyrics & music)
~ Campfire stories

Tonight with your families, talk about the different ways you can think of to tell a story and bring them to school tomorrow to share with the class!

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  1.   Kim on October 15th, 2015          Reply

    Kelden says another way to tell a story is to ‘retell’ it to one of your friends 🙂

  2.   Kim on October 15th, 2015          Reply

    And to tell it through actions!

  3.   Keaton on October 16th, 2015          Reply

    Game of charades

  4.   Katia on October 17th, 2015          Reply

    You can also tell a story through mime.

  5.   Ameesha on October 21st, 2015          Reply


    Classical Dancing is very popular in India, it tells many stories of the ancient times.

    Ballet ie: The Nut Cracker


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