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We have talked lots this week about symbols, and the kids are able to recognize many different symbols in the real world! Next week, we are going to take a more personal look at the symbols in our own lives. Over the weekend, chat as a family about your different cultures/countries/backgrounds and brainstorm some symbols that might be special or unique to your family to share next week!

As a bit of an example, my family has some Scottish, but is primarily settled in Canada/USA. Some symbols for my family would be the MacLean Clan symbol, quilts, bagpipes, Bald Eagle (USA), maple syrup, and many more! Leave a comment below with some of your family’s symbols to kick off our inquiry next week!

The Clan MacLean crest:MacLean Clan


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  1.   Jesse on September 26th, 2015          Reply

    My moms family is Ukrainian and some symbols are the colorful easter eggs (pysanka), the giant Ukrainian easter egg in Vegreville, perogies, and cabbage rolls. The patterns/symbols on the easter eggs range from love, fortune, health to joy and beauty. On Christmas Eve, we celebrate with a 12 course dinner and each course has its own meaning/symbol. I don’t like the food that Grandpa makes us eat on Christmas Eve.

  2.   kayla on September 28th, 2015          Reply

    My Mom’s side is part Eingglish,they love t. we also have germin,most have bland heir and blue eis

    Dad is part ierish,4 leaf clover and bear.

  3.   Cassie on September 28th, 2015          Reply

    My mom grew up in Manitoba and the symbol that represents manitoba is a bison. My dad grew up in Alberta and a symbol that represents alberta is the wild rose.

  4.   Keaton on September 29th, 2015          Reply

    Grandparents UKraine – Sunflower and cabbage rolls.
    Ireland. Shamrocks and Leprechauns.
    Mom B.C. Mountains and Bear! Dad Alberta Big Horn Sheep!

  5.   Heather on September 29th, 2015          Reply

    Our immediate families were Alberta farmers.
    Moms Ancestors immigrated from Sweden, Norway and Wales.
    Dads ancestors immigrated from Belgium and Hungary.

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