Symbols – What We Know

…. umm the kids of 2Plett blew my socks off today with what they already know about symbols!!! Check out all the things that they shared…. which is only the beginning! They wanted to add more!! As a family, talk about the different symbols already shared, and please add some more in a comment!! Most of these are symbols that we see. We started talking about symbols that we don’t see. What are some symbols that we don’t see?

Challenge: how are symbols used in math, science, and L.A.?? Share your thoughts in a comment!



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  1.   Cassie on September 23rd, 2015          Reply

    Other symbols are license plates, the hashtag (#) symbol and company symbols like the M for McDonalds. In math we use +, -, and = symbols. In science if you are shopping for plants or flowers you can look at the symbol on the tag to see if it does best with full sun or full shade. Also in science we use symbols to tell the weather, like a sun for a sunny day, or a cloud if it is a cloudy day.

  2.   Keaton on September 23rd, 2015          Reply

    Some other symbols are male and female for bathrooms, arrow for direction, some math symbols are x multiplication,= sum,+ addition. science is flame with circle around it is a flammable.

  3.   Ameesha on September 23rd, 2015          Reply

    Symbols – Religious symbols (some can be seen and some are not seen), Poppies for remembrance day, Horoscope and birthstones, wedding rings, red bangles (for newly married brides).

  4.   Ella Cook on September 23rd, 2015          Reply

    Some other symbols are on a map, on a keyboard and on the dashboard of a car.

    In math, add, subtract, multiply and divide etc are symbols. In science there are symbols for different elements and symbols to warn if chemicals are dangerous.

    In L.A. some other languages use symbols for their letters like Japan for example.

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