Intro to the Prairies….

After brainstorming what we already know about the 3 Canadian communities we look at in Grade 2, now it’s time to learn a bit more. The kids took a silent vote today and the majority was to start with the Prairies. Check out the first couple videos that we watched today to see some of the parts of the prairies as well as cultural aspects (ex. music). We started talking very briefly about the Metis and how they are a very important part of the prairie region, culture and heritage, and even learned that Mrs. Nisbet (school CDA) has Metis family connections! Below is the story called “The Secret of Your Name” by David Bouchard, one of my favourite authors. The kids also loved good ‘ol country music with Paul Brandt!

“Alberta Bound” by Paul Brandt –

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  1.   Cassie on September 23rd, 2015          Reply

    My grandpa is part Metis 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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