Libraries: Extinct or Relevant?

Today, we were reviewing what we learned a while ago about graphs and realized that in order to put information into a graph, we need to gather the information first. In order to gather information, often people create surveys with questions about the topic or issue, then collect the answers to put into a graph. The students then went together with a partner to share their ideas of topics they would like to know more about and what kinds of questions they would include in their survey. As a class, Lena shared her idea about libraries and how her family was discussing how they might start to disappear as people don’t tend to use them as much anymore. Together, the kids brainstormed and came up with all the questions and possible answers to choose from on this issue as we found it very interesting and important to learn more about!

The link below will take you to the survey that we created. Please click on the link and take just a few minutes to answer our questions so we can learn more about what people think about the importance of libraries. We will then be taking the information and putting it into a graph. Thank you for your participation!

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