Clay boat challenge

We have been talking about boats and buoyancy over the past few weeks. The kids have been reading some interesting books from the library and have been sharing the things they have learned on our Wonder Board! Today, the students were given a chunk of clay with the challenge to shape it so that it could float, and then see how many marbles it could hold before sinking. I believe that Lena’s was the leader with an amazing 9 marbles before sinking! After the kids left, I set myself to the task as well to see if I could beat Lena’s record…. and I did! I managed to fit 12 marbles in my boat before it sunk. Now Lena will have to beat the new record! I wonder how you guys might adapt or reinvent your boats tomorrow to get more marbles in before it hits the bottom of the “lake”…

Why do you think that my boat could hold 12 marbles? What does it have that would help it hold that many that maybe other boats didn’t have? How would you change yours to hold more marbles?

My Clay Boat 1 My Clay Boat 2

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  1.   luciana on June 5th, 2015          Reply

    I would find a serfus to make the walls and,make a thiner botomm but still,chek for little craks at,the bottom.

    maybe I would look for some way dry ends and fold them up so that you see them on the out side just like my ,toy boat.

    QUISTON;why can’t you just make a radom boat with any thing on it or in it .`

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