Floaters and Sinkers (plus homework convo!)

Today we reflected and discussed what we learned about from the Military Museum science experiments. We talked about why some things float and why other things sink. Talk with your parents about why certain things float and why other things sink! Below is the objects and materials that the kids brainstormed:Easy Blog Photo

For the homework tonight:
1) What is surface tension?
2) What are some different kinds of boats? How do they float? How do they move?? 

Talk about these different topics and bring your ideas to our class discussion tomorrow! If you have a picture of some different types of boats, feel free to bring those in too to share with the class!

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  1.   Jaden on May 26th, 2015          Reply

    The water molecules hold on tightly to each other. They don’t want to separate. They especially cling to each other at the surface because there is no water molecule on the other side of them to grab on to. The water molecules on the surface holds on to each other so tightly that a “skin” seems to form on the surface.

    •   Christine Plett on May 27th, 2015          Reply

      That is really cool, Jaden! We are going to do that experiment with the penny in class. It’s so crazy how water can stick together like that!

  2.   Jaden on May 26th, 2015          Reply

    Different kinds of boats:

    They float by using air, different shapes.

    They move by:
    Raft – a person uses an oar or a paddle to move the water
    Motorboat – uses a motor and a steering wheel that moves the rudder and the propeller
    Sailboat – uses wind to push the sails and a rudder to steer
    Canoe and rowboat – people push the water with a paddle or an oar to steer and move a canoe or a rowboat

  3.   linden on May 26,2015 on May 27th, 2015          Reply

    SURFACE TENSION-is an effect of intermolecular attraction i which molecules at or near the surface under go a net attraction to the rest of the fluid,while molecules not near the surface are attracted to the other molecules equaly in all direction and andergo no net attractio

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