Needs of our Community

Yesterday, we started what turned out to be an AMAZING conversation about what we think we need for our community survive. We also discovered that people in the class had different opinions on some of the ideas and how that’s ok as long as we are kind and respect them. It was also really cool for the kids to see that all of this was from their brains, and not just from me teaching/telling them. Student-driven inquiry is the best way to learn and have authentic conversations!

Have fun continuing the conversation at home this weekend. If you and your family comes up with anything new to add, please write it in a comment below for the rest of us to learn!

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  1.   Daniel Fortier on February 27th, 2015          Reply

    Toban: My Cha-Cha was a performing artist. Artists give communities a sense of identity, history and culture. The arts also make a city a better place to work, live and play.

  2.   Christine Plett on March 3rd, 2015          Reply

    I absolutely agree, Toban. Thank you for sharing!

  3.   Jen Berg on March 3rd, 2015          Reply

    food and your money and my money

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