CANstruction Project!

Today was the final day to bring in canned goods for our Food Drive for the Airdrie Food Bank! We then counted what we brought in (an amazing 133 items!) and created an inuksuk community. We then brainstormed ideas to name our community, voted and finally decided on “Polarville”. Below is a picture of our inuksuk community, as well as the other amazing creations from other classes around the school!

2P 1F1H1Hill1Y2A & 2G2C2H3D3LL4ES4F4Z kindergarten

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  1.   Hayden on March 6th, 2015          Reply

    everybody did very good

  2.   Hayden on March 6th, 2015          Reply

    I Had fun at the concert

  3.   Lucie on March 9th, 2015          Reply

    you should be a grade 4 student to take all those pitchers.

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