Wants and Needs

We kicked off the conversation by watching a video called “If the World Were a Village” to be introduced to the world or global community. We learned a lot about the different languages, religions and other interesting facts about the world!

Next, we started discussing needs and wants and what they mean. Here are the definitions and examples that the kids came up with:

Needs: things that we have to have in order to survive
– clean water
– fresh air
– food
– clothes
– shelter/home

Wants: things that we don’t need to have to survive
– toys
– computers/ipads
– lamps/lights
– furniture
– blankets (although some could argue that blankets of some sort are a need, especially in cold places like Airdrie!)
– games
– toilets
– cars
– bikes
– oil/natural gas
– backpacks
– paper
– lots of clothes

After brainstorming needs and wants, we looked at some pictures of where children live/sleep around the world. We voted on if we thought they were poor/so-so/rich and why we thought that, then we asked ourselves the question, “what does our room say about us?” The kids were very engaged and had some very insightful thoughts and observations!


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