Magnet Car Materials and Instructions

Today we brainstormed as a class some examples of materials that students could find at home and bring in to school to use to make their magnet vehicle. They do not need to bring/use every item on the list, as well they are free to bring other items that may not be on the list. This is just so that students and parents have an idea of what materials could possibly be used. Whether it is a car, boat or some other mode of transportation, each student has been working on planning and designing their magnet vehicle. They are to bring any and all items they will need (minus tape and the magnets) by FRIDAY so that we can begin building our magnet vehicles. If students want to bring extra materials to decorate their creation, they may do so! Please make sure that the materials are brought in a bag that is clearly labeled with the student’s name so they don’t get mixed up and lost! If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or send me an email and I will do my best to help! We have spent a TON of time in class talking about magnets and the cars, so the students are experts as well!

**Below is a pdf that you can download to view the template that the students are using to design and plan their magnet car. Hopefully this might help you understand what the kids are talking about and what we are working on in class!


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Download (DOCX, 82KB)

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