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Before Christmas, we started reviewing letter combinations, particularly with vowels. Making vowels long rather than short seemed to be a little tricky for some kids! We first started with Bossy “e”, which jumps over a letter, bites the other vowel and makes it say it’s name. Today we looked at the rule “when 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!”. The kids went on a hunt throughout the room and wrote all the words they could think of and find on the board. Below are the pictures of the words the kids came up with. They will be practicing these words each day during Daily 5, however extra practice at home would be beneficial as well! Next week the kids will be asked to spell 5 of the words from their created list, and hopefully they will be able to remember AND apply the rule! Keep in mind, it’s always best to reread the word out loud or say the word out loud to make sure that it actually follows the rule. The English language can be pretty tricky sometimes with a whole bunch of rule breakers!!!

“breakers” is a rule breaker too!! Can you tell me why???????

photo 2 photo 1 Double Vowels 3

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  1.   Jen Berg on January 13th, 2015          Reply

    i rote 4 worlds

  2.   Luciana on January 14th, 2015          Reply

    It does not say its own name. It sounds like brayker but it looks like it should sound breeahker but it is spelled like breaker.

  3.   Tara Vatcher on January 16th, 2015          Reply

    Can you please tell me what Jessie’s words are. She doesn’t know! Tara

  4.   Jaden on January 21st, 2015          Reply

    Jaden chose

    is this what we are supposed to do? Choose 5 and practice them?

  5.   Tyler Kidd on January 22nd, 2015          Reply

    Teach beach creature easy boat roast your those are the words that I came up with

  6.   Lena on January 22nd, 2015          Reply

    These are the words we have come up with:

    Cloak, beat (bossy “e”).

    Breaker is a rule breaker because the second vowel does the talking (a).
    Unlike sneaker which follows the rule.


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