Kid Wonders about Magnets

Yesterday the students wrote down everything they knew about magnets and the wonders or questions they want to know about magnets. Here are just a few that the kids came up with:

~ do magnets work under water?
~ Do they destroy each other?
~ When were magnets invented?
~ Where do magnets work?
~ Is every planet a magnet?
~ How do they stick?
~ Why is the Earth a magnet?
~ If you pour oil on them, would they still stick?
~ Do colors matter for magnets? (often magnets are blue or red)
~ Are they sticky?
~ Can they work on plastic?
~ Are they attracted to some things?
~ Would honey make them stick more?
~ Do magnets always stick together?
~ Do they always stick to metal?
~ Where were magnets invented?
~ What would we do without magnets?
~ How do magnets stick together if they are both made of iron and have different poles?

I will attach the Bill Nye video on magnets to watch again with your parents or siblings. Does he answer any of our wonders? If he does, write them in a comment below! Also, if you have any other wonders or learn anything new that you find interesting, write it in a comment below too! I know that I learned some VERY interesting things that I didn’t notice before when I watched the video! That’s why it’s always good to watch or read something more than once as you often discover new things!

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  1.   Toban on December 15th, 2014          Reply

    Wow, Mrs. Plett – I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy and learned that the earth is a magnet! It’s a magnet because it’s full of hot iron and nickel, and it spins around really fast.


  2.   Aaliyah on December 15th, 2014          Reply

    question: can they work on plastic?
    answer: no they can only work on Nickel, Iron, and cobalt.

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