Fabric for Christmas Wreath

I apologize for any stress or craziness over the weekend regarding the fabric for the wreath! The letter was supposed to have been sent home earlier and it got forgotten about! I also didn’t realize that the due date to bring the fabric in was for today! We won’t be starting until Wednesday afternoon, so if you don’t have the fabric for today or tomorrow, that is fine. No stress! Sorry if any panic was created over this.

Also, I discovered from talking to a couple parents that the suggested measurements for the fabric does not yield big enough strips. The students will be tying the strips of fabric around the hanger so please ensure whatever amount of fabric you use, that the strips are long enough and that you send enough as well. Basically, the measurements for the big piece of fabric that you will cut into strips will likely need to be bigger than originally suggested.

Sorry about the confusion!

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  1.   Alisa Bisschop on December 9th, 2014          Reply

    Hi! Unrelated to fabric, Hayden is very excited to talk about Magnets in class, as he said you were planning to do so. He has done lots of research on his own and hopes to speak to you about it.

  2.   Brooklyn on December 9th, 2014          Reply

    what is the requirements for the fabric please as we have been away?

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