Forgotten Alberta

Miss Hallworth is from Medicine Hat area and shared with me a video that shows some pictures from Alderson, Alberta! Leave a comment below after you watch it!

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  1.   Zara on December 5th, 2014          Reply

    cool,but why did you post this on the blog? please tell me tomorrow at shcool or a coment

    thank you zara

  2.   Josh on December 5th, 2014          Reply

    Wow it looked a empty! All there was one big train.

  3.   Toban on December 5th, 2014          Reply

    Great video with a lot of forgotten history!

  4.   Jaden on December 6th, 2014          Reply

    why is the train so long?

    •   Christine Plett on December 6th, 2014          Reply

      The train IS really long! It probably has a lot of cargo to take somewhere.

  5.   Jaden on December 6th, 2014          Reply

    why is the town so flat?

    there are no people!

    •   Christine Plett on December 6th, 2014          Reply

      Do you remember what happened to the town? Why is it a ghost town? It had something to do with the train. Also…. what region is the town in? It’s in Alberta so would that be the Arctic, Maritimes, or the Prairies? What do we know about the prairies??

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