Schedule for bringing 25 gifts

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our school is sponsoring a couple families to help provide a happy Christmas for their families. Our class is going to put a gift together for them too, so please ensure that you send 25 items with your child: 24 for each member of our class and 1 extra for the gift for our sponsor family. Thanks!

* For more information, please refer to the pink form that was sent home with the report card

Dec. 4 – Noah, Kiki, Lindsey

Dec. 5 – Linden, Hayden, Aiden

Dec. 8 – Josh, Cole, Toban

Dec. 9 – Aaliyah, Tyler, Mikyla

Dec. 10 – Jonah, Julia, Lena

Dec. 11 – Xander, Jaden, Brooklyn

Dec. 12 – Colten, Luciana, Jessie

Dec. 15 – Connor, Braedon, Zara

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