Ghost Towns

Today we kicked off our next unit of inquiry but looking at Ghost Towns or places that have been abandoned. First, we watched a video called “Town of Ghosts” and looked at cool pictures of abandoned places in Alberta. Next, the kids wrote down their wonders and questions about Ghost Towns and then made some predictions of why they think places become abandoned. Then we all met on the carpet and the kids shared their ideas. Some ideas were a little “creative” and some had some very interesting thoughts! Tomorrow we’re going to explore the website, Wonderopolis, and look a little deeper into Ghost Towns. There are a couple famous abandoned places in 2 of the regions that we look at (Arctic and the Prairies) and we will be looking into those over the next few school days!

Below are the 2 videos we watched today. Enjoy!

Abandoned places in Alberta

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  1.   Toban on December 4th, 2014          Reply

    Hi Mrs. Plett,

    I found out that my mom was born in a place called Uranium City, which is now a ghost town! You can see some pictures here:


  2.   Alisa Bisschop on December 4th, 2014          Reply

    Here is a ghost town that Hayden often visits! His Nanny and Papa are one of the few residents who live very close by (2 miles). All that remains is a community hall and a playground. Hayden often drives his papas quad there to play when he visits. There is an old school that burnt in the 1980’s and Hayden’s Papa helped put out the fire.


  3.   Luciana on December 4th, 2014          Reply

    My mom used to go to a ghost town called Uranium City in Saskatchewan. She used to fly planes and drive boats up there. My Uncle Gordie used to live in that same ghost town.
    Uranium City was a mining town that boomed during the cold war. Then the cold war ended and no one wanted Uranium anymore so there wasn`t much work left and almost everyone left.

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