Kid Action Ideas!

Over the last week, we have been talking about the endangered species in Alberta. This stemmed from our inquiry into Small Crawling and Flying Animals and now we are taking action! The students were supposed to do a little research about the animals on the Alberta Endangered species list to find out information about their habitats and why they are endangered. Today, students shared what they learned and we started brainstorming ideas/strategies of how to help the animals so that they can be safe and continue to grow!

Here are some of the ideas that were shared:

Connor – build fences around areas to keep dangerous people out

Hayden – put up pictures of what a Swift Fox looks like so people don’t mistake it and accidentally kill it (hunting)

– don’t cut down trees and ruin their homes
– learn about endangered species to teach the peopl
– recycle and put garbage away so animals don’t eat and sick
– visit animal parks and zoos to learn about animals
– stop poaching
– donate money to Wildlife Foundations

– dig holes and put fences around the top to keep the Burrowing Owls safe
– learn to speak the language of Burrowing Owl so that we can warn them

– stop and kill all the bugs so that we get rid of pesticides to save the Peregrine Falcons

*Aiden commented at this point on how we need pesticides to keep the pests away and be able to grow crops. This sparked a great conversation about how pesticides are then going into food that we eat and making us sick. Very interesting ideas coming from these kids!

Josh – put boxes made of bricks but covered in something shiny so that the Whooping Cranes can see the reflections and then not fly into the power lines and get killed (love this!)

Mikyla – make it illegal to kill lots of animals so that they don’t become endangered

Connor – make the poles (power lines) smaller and skinnier so the birds don’t fly into them

Lena – decorate and lay out lots of different fruit (for Trumpet Swans) and bugs (for Leopard Frogs) so that they will want to come to live in ponds that are safe and then they will like living there.

As you can see, the kids had some really great thoughts and ideas! If you are able, continue the conversation at home over the weekend and see if you can come up with any more ideas! If you do, please share them in a comment!


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  1.   linden on september 18,2014 on November 24th, 2014          Reply

    Stop Hunting and Protec thier Habitat

  2.   zarazavoda on November 24th, 2014          Reply

    Don’t pick flowers in the wild because they might be endangered. From Zara!

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