Don’t worry… this is about picking books NOT other things….. 🙂

Even though we started Daily 5 a while ago, I was fortunate enough to go to the Daily 5 conference in Las Vegas this weekend with a bunch of teachers from Ralph McCall! It was such an amazing opportunity and I learned a TON! Just goes to show (to the kids) that teachers still learn too!

Today we talked about I PICK, an acronym that is used to find a Good Fit book (not something you do to your nose…).

I look at a book
Purpose: why do I want to read this book?
Interest: am I interested in this book?
Comprehend: do I understand what I am reading about?
Know all the words: do I know the words? If I don’t know 5 words on a page, it is NOT a Good Fit book for me!

By teaching kids to do this, it gives them the ability to know what is too easy, what can be a good challenge, and therefore what a Good Fit book is rather than someone else telling them! It also helps them to actually think about what they are reading (practicing comprehension) as well as improving fluency. Read the title, back of the book, and the first page or two. Next, ask yourself “do I understand the words?” and “what did I just read?” If you are able to do this, then it’s probably a Good Fit book for you! Students will regularly practice this at school, and when buying books or getting books from the library, this would be a great strategy for them to use!

We also talked about the importance of reading every day! Another thing I learned at the conference is the number of minutes students read each day, affects the number of words they. So the more minutes they read, the more vocabulary they are building up in their brains! We talked about how the kids should be reading 15-20 minutes (at least!) per day so they can get better at reading and learning more words! They can do this by reading library books, Raz Kids, Tumblebooks, Starfall, books at home, or anything else that comes their way. Another important factor, for those kids out there who don’t absolutely LOVE reading, it would be good to find books (at school, public library, bookstore) that they are interested in rather than just finding books that are specifically at their “level”.

Students, leave a comment below about the book you read tonight and who you read with! Was it your mom, dad, brother or sister, pet, stuffed animal, or to yourself in the mirror??

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  1.   Jen Berg on November 6th, 2014          Reply

    i red to my mom and i red my sfallf.

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