All About Owls!!

Easy Blog PhotoHere are some things that we already know and some wonders we have about owls. Are there anymore that you can add??


Here is the link to watch “Owl Babies” with your parent, brothers or sisters too!

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  1.   Mikyla on October 21st, 2014          Reply

    About owls.

    They see very good in the dark and their necks can turn almost all around and when owls are babies their feathers are white and when they grow big they turn brown and grey. Happy Tuesday!

  2.   Mikyla on October 21st, 2014          Reply

    Why do owls hunt at night?
    Do they eat snakes?

  3.   Jen Berg on October 21st, 2014          Reply

    weid do owls go to sleep wein do owls eatwhy do owlshunt at night do they eat snakes

  4.   Zara on October 22nd, 2014          Reply

    How long do babies stay with their mother?

  5.   Lena on October 26th, 2014          Reply

    owls are eating snakes for dinner, breakfast and they eat mice for lunch.

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