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We have spent a lot of time watching videos and looking at pictures from the arctic, and this week we started looking at the Maritimes or Atlantic provinces. The Acadian people are a big part of the Maritimes and are a rich part of Canadian history! We read the story called “Broken Dreams” about an Acadian family during the Expulsion of 1755. Talk together about the story and what you learned about Acadia, and also what you know about the Maritimes!

Challenge: leave a comment below with one of the most interesting things you have learned so far about the Maritimes! If you want, you could also add a comment about one of the most interesting things you have learned so far about the Arctic too!

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  1.   Mikyla on October 6th, 2014          Reply

    I have learned… “they don’t have pipes on the ground because it’s really cold on the ground and it can break” oh that’s about the artic. Now about the maritimes “in the story, the bad guys are really bad and the other guys are very poor. I think why the story is broken dreams because the bad guys hurted them and seperated their families”
    And about the maritimes In the school they don’t have big windows because its very cold and if somebody was working by the windows it would be very cold. Okay, all done!

  2.   Jen Berg on October 6th, 2014          Reply

    the book is cool and i like the people in the book

  3.   Noah on October 8th, 2014          Reply

    I really liked it because the girl is still alive and I’m glad she lived!The book is really cool too!

  4.   Zara on October 16th, 2014          Reply

    I love the book too! Mikyla yours is awsome!Noah and linsiy I like yours too!

  5.   tyler kidd on October 18th, 2014          Reply

    in the book broken dreams the british is mean and sent the acadians to boats but i loved it !!!!!!!!

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