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Today we looked at a bunch of different ways to communicate or tell a story. Afterwards, we brainstormed and created a mindmap of all the different ways that we can communicate. If you’re interested, check out the different stories and ways to communicate that we looked at together in class today! If you can think of anything else or find something else that you want to share, post it in a comment below!

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  1.   Lena on October 2nd, 2014          Reply

    Great Ideas! Lena was telling a story with her puppets when she got home yesterday.

  2.   Christine Plett on October 3rd, 2014          Reply

    That is great! She has such a great imagination!

  3.   Jen Berg on October 3rd, 2014          Reply

    Lindsey liked the dancing video. She sings at home to tell stories. She’ll do a commentary of what we are doing or what she wants or a memory in song form.

  4.   Josh and Cole on October 3rd, 2014          Reply

    Josh and Cole have been creating stories by making comics! They work together sometimes. One is the illustrator and one is the author as we are told 🙂

    •   Christine Plett on October 3rd, 2014          Reply

      That’s awesome! Cole was telling me a little bit about making comics. On the macs, there is a program called Comic Life. I think we might have to try it out next week!

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