Terry Fox Run – September 24

Today we participated in the Terry Fox Run in honor of those who have experienced cancer. We talked about how Terry Fox took a situation that wasn’t very good, and by choosing to have a positive attitude, turned it into something amazing by raising awareness and money for research. That was decades ago and we still remember, participate and donate money to support cancer research! Thank you to those who donated money to the cause. I do have pictures from today, but alas, I just got a new iphone and am still learning how to work it! Once I figure out how to transfer pictures from my phone onto my computer, I will put them up!

Great job today everyone!

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  1.   Jen Berg on September 25th, 2014          Reply

    my tooth fell out at a hockey rink.

    •   Christine Plett on September 25th, 2014          Reply

      How exciting!! I can’t wait to see your toothless smile today haha!

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