Tuesday, May 6/14

Please answer the following questions on a piece of paper and put it on my desk in the morning. I’m curious how many people will do it!

65                    82                     77                     91
27                 –  75                  – 39                 –  79

Please make sure to include ALL of the steps:
1.  Circle the ones house and the tens house.

2.  Draw the Base 10 Blocks in a hundreds chart. (Blow up the top number if you need help!)

3.  Show ALL your work for each question…. and don’t forget to write your answer!


Bonus Secret Question:

In “Tonight on the Titanic” we read about the radio operator sending the message “SOS” to other ships using Morse code. Write down some information about Morse code to share with the class. There MAY be a treat waiting for you tomorrow….

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