3Ch – Exploration #5 – Chestermere Regional Food Bank

Feed the Need – Strong partnerships that ensure community nourishment

We recently hosted Vicki from the Chestermere Regional Food Bank for our Awakening Passions project.

Vicki started by asking us if we knew what a food bank is. We had some ideas, but were not 100% sure. She explained that Food Banks were started in the 1980s in response to the need that people have who were going through tough times and were having a hard time feeding their families. The Chestermere Regional Food Bank started 11 years ago. Vicki said that the Food Bank gives food to people who need it and they take donations to give to people.  They help people in emergency situations who need food.

If you are wondering what kinds of things they Food Bank needs we brainstormed several: soup. taco meal kits, cereal, burger toppings, fruit cups, granola bars, peanut butter, jam, tuna, crackers, toothbrushes, soap, diapers, wipes, toothpaste, shampoo, house cleaning supplies; basically foods that are non-perishable and other household items. It’s not that they won’t take fresh foods, but they can’t keep them for as long and don’t like to waste food!

There are 40 volunteers who help the Chestermere Regional Food Bank make sure that people have food they need. They help to pick up the food that is donated by different people and groups, including Prairie Waters and many other schools in Chestermere. Donations are also accepted year round in their bins located at Safeway, No Frills, City Hall, Chestermere Rec Centre and The Waiting Room Cafe. The volunteers also help to make sure the food is organized at the Food Bank and help to prepare and deliver hampers to people. There are about 40 families who access the Chestermere Regional Food Bank each month.

We wanted to know what kinds of action we could take so Vicki explained the different ways to help out.

  • Donating Items – donating food items, toiletry and house cleaning items helps out
  • Donating Money – donating money helps the food bank purchase items that they might not have enough of at the time as well as other items.
  • Volunteer – by donating your time to the Chestermere Regional Food Bank, you are helping a lot of people!
  • Awareness – by spreading the word about the Chestermere Regional Food Bank, you can help in two ways; you let people know where they can make donations of food, time and money; you let people who may need help, where they can go to get it

Our Challenge: To wear our sticker with the Chestermere Regional Food Bank logo on it. Then we were asked to pass on the information we had learned and give the person we told a sticker for themselves and an extra sticker for them to pass on when they told another person. The first person who came into our classroom was Mrs. Keiller. Jiya went right up to her to pass on what she had learned and to ask Mrs. Keiller to wear her sticker and pass on the information and sticker to another person. Well done Jiya! Several of us have already come back to Mrs. Chapman for more stickers so we can keep passing this important information!

Thank you to Vicki for coming and sharing her passion for helping others by volunteering at the Chestermere Food Bank! We learned a lot about how to take action to help others.

You can find out more about the Chestermere Regional Food Bank by visiting the links below.

Website: www.chestermerefoodbank.ca