Christmas Kindness

We made some Christmas (Holiday) cards and then delivered them to houses in our neighbourhood. We talked about how happy people will feel when they find our cards hanging on their doorknobs. It is always nice to share kindness….especially around Christmastime! 🙂


One of the most important parts of our day….centres! It’s an opportunity for us to get along with others, explore, use our imagination, investigate, keep ourselves calm and in control…and on and on! 🙂

Christmas FOPS

On Friday, we were able to enjoy a number of different activities together! We love it when our family members get to come into the class and share what we are learning! This week, we played a guessing game using a stocking – we learned some new describing words, we also went into the Learning Commons and used our candy cane flashlights to find the action cards, and we used the Bingo dabber to decorate a paper Christmas tree….plus we made a decoration! It was a great morning!

Bears, Bears, Bears…And More

We learned so much about bears….and about other animals that hibernate. We used our prepositions to remind us the meaning of “on” and “under”. Each of us took a turn putting a bear either on the chair or under the chair. This also helped us to practice our colours. It was fun to use sticky notes to label our classroom bear. We also read a story called “Hibernation Station” and used stuffed animals to retell the story. We did some art which included bears – our favourite is the painting with the Northern Lights in the background. It was also fun the day our stuffed bear (or other animal) came to school. We had a Teddy Bear Picnic and also pretended to hibernate in our very own den (we created them using sheets and went under the tables). On more than one occasion, we helped to keep the animals safe and warm during the winter! (During one task, we needed to jump from coloured dot to coloured dot to take the animal to its den – so that it could get some sleep during the winter). You can see the smiles of everyone during our Animals in Winter Unit! Enjoy!

Fine Motor

We are doing so many activities that build our fine motor skills. It is amazing to see how much stronger our hands are compared to September. 🙂 Check out some of the pictures here….