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February 2 Class Update

Hi Everyone,

Remember that this list of upcoming important dates will be kept as up to date as possible. Check out some of the things we have been doing below, including home support.

Language Arts – Students have been utilizing our time to complete book reviews up to this point in the year. Now they have set their goals on what they want to read and review for the remainder of the year. Students can ALWAYS do a review on a book they finish at home. We also have been learning how to write formal letters to someone, choosing a person in the school to write a letter to. Some even are writing back! We will utilize this skill later on in our project.

Upcoming: A novel study on the BFG and reading assessments.

Math – We have begun reviewing our multiplication basic facts, including strategies, tips and tricks for facts we get stuck on. Grade 4 curriculum expectation is recalling basic facts up to 7 x 7. (Think 8×6, 9 x 5, etc.) Here is the philosophy of our math class:

  1. Memorize as many facts as possible
  2. Have “go to” strategies that are fast and accurate to figure out the “unknowns”
  3. Have a “go to” strategy that might take longer – repeated addition or skip counting
  4. Draw a picture – Never leave a question unanswered because we forget the basic fact

Above all feel confident you can answer any question.

Upcoming: We will be doing basic fact review for a few weeks and then will be moving into division. After we will begin looking at 2 x 1 digit and 3 x 1 digit multiplication and long division.

Social – We will begin looking at Alberta People’s History, including Indigenous History, Settlement and pioneering and then city growth. This will take us a few months.

Upcoming: Learning about Indigenous migration and traditional territory and way of life. We will continue our discussion about residential schools (from Orange Shirt Day) in preparation for working with a guest teacher on a meaningful art project. Details to come.

Science – We paused our project to focus on Simple Machines, exploring each of them. Over the next week, we will conclude learning about each of them and will begin applying our knowledge to a device that moves.

Sustainability Project Each week we have been taking steps to better understand Sustainability and how it relates to our work and us. We have had the privilege of having guest speakers from the city to talk about topics related to Sustainability such as Land Use Planning and Transit planning and have been exploring an awesome tool called Alberta Tomorrow, which we have to make difficult choices about land use.

Upcoming – Students will begin exploring the Engineering process and relate their learning about waste to design ‘devices’ that solve waste problems. February is also when we will take part in “Classroom Energy Diet” finding ways to reduce the energy we waste in the classroom.

Drama Workshops We absolutely loved our drama workshops, especially when we used the masks. Click here to see some pictures of the days.

How can you support at home:

– Practice basic multiplication facts  – We practice our multiplication tables each week in an effort to memorize as many as possible. You can support this at home through cue cards and meaningful learning opportunities. This doesn’t have to be a scheduled tim or could take place in the car on the way to activities.

– Reading Practice – Reading improvement relies on about an hour of reading each day. At school, students are expected to read at least 30 minutes. The rest of the time should be a daily routine at home.

– More opportunities to support our learning coming soon!