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March 4th

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  1. Please dress appropriately tomorrow for cold weather. If it’s not too cold, we are going to try and use the snow shoes around the school. Boots, a warm coat, tuque and gloves are recommended.
  2. I’m sorry for any confusion regarding inline skating this week. The office  had wrongly informed parents last week that grade 5s would be involved. If you had any payments towards it, please contact the office or administration.
  3. Please save the date of March 26th, 6pm for our Exhibition parent evening information session. You’ll find out more information about the Exhibition which will begin in April and last until June. More information was in the PWE newsletter sent out.
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January 15th

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  1. Students took home a sheet today that needs to be completed and returned before THURSDAY. Related to our unit about consumption and creation of goods, we analyzed and thought about what makes and effective advertisement? We discussed: Font, bright colours, using cute things (like dogs), using famous people or music, catchy slogans or mottos, information about the product, and more! The students are asked to find different ads from different locations (tv commercial, park bench, sign on store, radio, newspaper ad, etc.) and fill in the sheet.
  2. A second part of the assignment: think of one really creative/thought-provoking/unique ad and bring it to school. It might be online (find the website for it), a picture of it (download a picture to their drive OR send it to me) or cut it out from a magazine/newspaper. EACH CHILD needs an ad to discuss on Thursday.
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Stop Motion

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Take a look at these videos to learn about different techniques that can be used to create Stop Motion videos.





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Welcome to 5T

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Welcome to the learning community of 5T,

I am beyond excited to begin the school year with your child. This year, I’m placing a large emphasis on student agency. This means your child will be empowered to have voice, choice and ownership over their learning. To set the tone early on I want to empower the class to be a part of setting up the classroom into a learning environment that works from them. Through guided support provided by myself and other teachers at PWE, the students will spend time next week reflecting on what learning means to them and how their individual needs can be met. I understand this may look and feel different to begin the school year for your child but I wanted to be transparent in this process.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this video by students and teachers at Prairie Waters emphasizes that in the PYP we try to prioritize what’s best for student learning.

See you next week,

Mr. Turner


From The Learning Community in the Enhanced PYP, June 2018:

Learning environments are made up of multiple learning spaces: built and natural, outdoor and indoor, formal and informal. Spaces should inspire creativity, innovation and collaboration, support and respond to emerging inquiries, and help students to develop and demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile. Students will be involved in the setting up and ongoing maintenance of their learning spaces, for greater ownership and influence over their learning.






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June 19th

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  1. We started Theme V (Theme 5) today. Feel free to ask your child (or be prepared to be asked about) anything from lessons 1, 2 & 3. Click HERE to see what we talked about and see the crossword sent home. It’s a summary of vocabulary that was covered today. It’s for discussion purposes and doesn’t need to be returned.
  2. We are a go for Strathmore on Wednesday. More details to come. Thank you to the volunteers who are coming. I will email you some extra information.
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June 5th

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  1. Please be aware of some important dates this week: June 7th (students visit CLMS in the morning), June 8th (AMA patrol trip to Heritage park), June 8th (grade 6 meeting at CLMS for parents in the evening), June 10th (Lemonade day in Chestermere – get out and support some of the students from PWE while enjoying some tasty treats)
  2. Theme V forms due this Friday.
  3. Library books due back tomorrow.
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May 11th

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  1. Check out your child’s advice for next year’s Grade 5 Exhibition, #pwex18,  students.
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May 9th

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  • Creative Explorations is tomorrow. Bring what you need.
  • The Grade 6 organization session was cancelled today. I’ll try to get information if they are continuing next week.
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May 5th

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  1. Jump rope for heart fundraising has begun. Look at the envelopes that went home today.
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March 31st

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  1. Exhibition discussions: Ask your child about their action ideas that they brainstormed today with other grade 5 students.
  2. Exhibition discussions: Ask your child about the interview they had this week OR are planning to have next week.
  3. We have over 6000 views from around the planet this month on our Exhibition blog. A very global audience that covers 6 of the continents!
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