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Yesterday we had a guest speaker, Sheldon First Rider, from the Glenbow Museum. Sheldon had a chance to share some Blackfoot language which the students all got to try, tell some stories about the history of the land from an Blackfoot lens and other fascinating stories. It ended with the students playing a traditional strategy game involving music and song. See below for student comments.

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September 13th

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  1. Patrollers practiced today with their AM and PM groups. They will begin patrols next week! Since there were so many students at PWE that wanted to do patrollers, they’ve been split into two groups. If your child isn’t in a patrol group already, they’ll patrol in the new year. 
  2. Dress warmly for Terry Fox run tomorrow please. Our assembly starts at 8:45 with the run outside to follow. We watched a Terry Fox video to determine who we are running for.
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Earlier this school year, 5T had a chance to embark on a journey to learn more about Canada through our unit of inquiry Where We Are In Place Time. One of the main components of this unit was to interview Calgarians on Stephen Avenue, a popular area in downtown Calgary. Check out highlights of our trip HERE.

With the support of some amazing learning specialists at the Education Centre for Rocky View schools, students were able to create and share their own “heritage minutes” of their impressions of Canada. Luckily for us, a book was created with the support of this team, which will be housed at PWE in the fall.

Click HERE for the video compilation of their learning. This website is linked to the book through a QR code.

Get a sneak peak of the book by viewing the PDF file.

Enjoy your time this weekend (and beyond) enjoying the many wonderful events planned to celebrate Canada 150.

PrairieWaters5T Canada 150


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Visit to CLMS

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Today we visited the grade 6s at CLMS to get a feel for what middle school will look like. Together with students from Rainbow Creek, they partnered with another grade 6 class and had a chance to ask all of their burning questions, hear all about the stories of grade 6 and complete a scavenger hunt to learn the layout of the middle school. See the comments section for each student’s compass point thinking routine.

N – Need to know for grade 6

E – what are they Excited about

S – what Suprised them

W – what are they Worried about


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April 27th

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  1. Check out week 7 reflections on the Exhibition blog. 
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5T spent the morning with no power in the classroom. Related to our Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works, and our previous discussions about phantom power, carbon foot printing and building circuits, the students were able to see the impact of how their daily life is affected by electricity.

Describe this activity. How did it affect your learning? (One thing that was easier without technology AND one thing that would be easier with technology)

It Affected the time kinda for my math because I finished fast and it was really hard to see the number. Something that was easier without technology was French and I would hate doing French on the Internet. One thing that would be easier with technology is with the blocks in math because i was really confused. DP

It effected our class because a lot of people were really hyper  and I think that it made it hard for some people to learn because they were so excited that it made it hard. EJ

When I walked in and I felt tried there was no lights on and we couldn’t use anything that is iPads to.effected me by not going on iPads we even had to do math in the dark.i think it was harder to learn. AF

When I came into the class I felt sleepy.we had a discussion about why the lights were off then we opened the blinds so we could have some lights. This affects my learning because it was a little bit hard to see what I was doing. I like to learn without technology because it is better for your health. AW

It effected our learning by not having iPads to help us on working in French because we would usally use a translater and we didn’t have that. It also affected our learning because the room was really dark until we opened the windows then it was almost the same as having the lights on but there was one corner that was still really dark so we couldn’t work there. R.S

We came into the classroom in the morning and we couldn’t turn the lights on and we had to do math in the dark and we opened the windows for light. This affected my learning because I haven’t came to school and did math in the dark but it was fun and it was a little bit harder. RWC

The activities we had to do were math and French. It affected my learning because we outdoor see anything then we opened the windows and it was light. SG

Well I think doing that was fun because it was easy and I got 100/100 and I did it at 15 second and it was like amazing and I did not now that in grade 5. D.E.B

One thing that was easier without electricity was that we did not have to get up and grab are iPads and every activity we do we do it right away and the thing that was harder was doing math cause it was harder to see the numbers. S.S

It made me feel like it was scary movie it was hard to see. RR

l like doing math with no power. NS

Math was easier because I like to not use iPads so that made me happy and that made it easier. KP

To me I liked technology better because it’s kinda easier for me and I like to use the iPads plus it was hard to see in the dark. L.T.M

This morning without light was good because we had to use no technology we just had to use paper and use are pencils and when we did math in the morning was hard. AJ

This affected my learning because in grade 4 we took a test to see which kind of space we liked to work best in, and mine was bright spaces. When it was dark it was harder to work because I prefer lit up spaces. I am more awake in brighter spaces than darker ones. ED

Once I came into the class I felt weird, happy and confused because I like the dark, not when it is pitch black. We had to do math in the dark, all we had to do was simply turn off the lights. I had no idea we were doing this, it was very dark before we opened the blinds. L.V.E

2.When I got to class I felt really weird because I’m always used to having the class all bright when I come in. It affected my learning because with technology it’s easier to do things like math and one thing that was easier without technology was we moved around when we had to do our lessons. PR

When I came into class I felt relaxed because I was very sleepy- E.T

When I came into class I felt that the lights were going to be off all day because the power wasn’t working and it was super dark and we also did math in the dark E.S

When I came into the classroom I was wondering why the lights were were off, I was excited to see how the challenge would turn out. I think it affected our learning in two ways. 1. We saw how other children in the world had to work everyday. 2. We learned how school would be like without technology. I personally like learning without technology because I think it is easier. EK

It was hard because some time in the dark it was hard to see the bored and paper. EC

One thing that was in the dark was hard for me to work.One thing that was easy was the light from the door window. FZ

When we first came in the lights were off and we weren’t allowed to use iPads or any electronic devices. This affected my learning by making me more energetic and happy until we put up the blinds. AL

It affected my learning because it was really hard to see.and it was difficult to do math in the dark. W.A

This affected my learning because even though we opened the window, the dark gives me headaches. One thing that I liked about this activity was that we used more paper instead of iPad because I don’t like the iPads.- M.G

How could you apply this idea at home?

When your at home in your room you don’t need to turn on the light you can open your curtain instead of using the light. DP

How I felt when I walked in I was happy I like the dark but wham we had to tern off the aircodishing I was sad because it is cold in here to bogin in so I was sad. EJ

By having this happen at the bright out side so you can use the widows and use more sweters and blankets. AF

At home we sully don’t use technology in the day time we turn off the lights. Maybe we could use no technology by not using phones and computers. AW

I could apply this idea at home by instead of turning on all the lights on you could open all the windows when it is day. You can also unplug anything that you don’t need(make sure you don’t unplug the fridge or tv). R.S

I could apply this idea at home by turning the wifi off and not playing on electronics and not watching tv and turning the lights off. RWC

I could apply this idea because I allowance have my light of and open the blinds. But I will turn my wifi of. SG

It could be easy so much like when I did kumon when the public library was off and I kep on doing it. DEB

I will apply this at home by not eating food that needs to be warmed in a microwave. S.S

One way I could do this at home is use less power  RR

One way is that it wud be so cool to to this at home. NS

I already like to read and draw after schools so somthing else I could do is not use a light for, me to fall asleep but at the same time it could be bad because I read books before falling asleep. KP

I could open the curtains because today with the curtains wasn’t bad and today I will try not to use the light except at night. L.T.M

I could apply this idea at home by turning the power off in my house so we would have to open all the blinds and open the windows and just play board games. AJ

I could do this at home by opening my curtains instead of the light on my ceiling. Also, I could try not to use power for a whole day to see what it would be like for some kids. ED

When you are doing something like homework or an writing activity if its during the day you can open the window to save power. L.V.E

When you are doing any type of work instead of turning on the lights use natural light from the windows. PR

Install solar panels? Or get energy from green energy plants, somehow. E.T

Every day when your not using something you have to unplug it because if you leave everything plugged in that will waste power/electricity E.S

We could apply this at home by unplugging as many cords as we can and turning the lights of when we leave the room. EK

If I’m doing something at the dark I would just wait till the light hits my room. FZ

I could turn the lights off every time I leave a room. W.A.

Go a day without electronic devices. AL

I could turn the lights off and open the window like we did here, but I can also unplug the things that need power. I can also do more active activities instead of being on my iPad at home in my spare time. – M.G

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Yesterday we had the chance to talk to Calgarians about their thoughts about Canada. Students were tasked with asking a simple question – What does it mean to be Canadian? While the question seemed simple, the process was much more challenging. Their professional speaking skills carried over from the Lunch Box Talks last week as well as their interview skills that we worked on earlier in the unit.

They had the opportunity to put all of the photography and videography skills to the test after receiving special lessons from Mrs Phillips, a Learning Specialist from the RVS Ed Centre, over the last week. Considering their SLFI acronym – Sound, Lighting, Framing their picture and their Inspiration for photographs, they walked from City Hall to Stephen Avenue during lunch hour in search of Calgarians’ opinions.


Check out some of their thoughts below, or read more of their thoughts on their portfolio.

I was proud that I was able to get answers from different strangers who I didn’t know and that I was able to talk to them without getting shy and running away and not participating. PR

It was challenging to find people that weren’t busy because I saw so many  people on the phone or in a rush and we couldn’t bother them so it made it harder to interview. ED

Something I found challenging was finding people to interview because some people did not want their face in the video or people were on their way to a job. LVE

Something I would do more different if I got to do this again would be maybe put 1 or 2 seconds in the video before I start talking to the person so it’s a bit longer. PR

What I’m proud of yesterday is that I spoke clearly to strangers even though I’m shy with talking to people I don’t know, I was worried I was gonna make a mistake but I didn’t. LVE

I was proud of getting a person right away because when we got it, it got  us motivated to talk more and ask people this question. SG

I was surprised that Ms Phillips interviewed me and Noah because I didn’t know that they were interviewing people and  BTW she interviewed me and Noah because we got rejected 4 times (at the time) We actually got rejected 10 times. LTM

Something that surprised me was how many people did not want their face in the video because I thought that the people we interviewed would think that it was cool that we were doing this and say “yes I will.” ED

I was most surprised that not to many people were camera shy because all but one people had their faces in the interviews. PR


I was proud that I talked to different strangers because I thought that I would be super nervous but I was not. ED

Something I would like to do differently if we did it again I want to speak more because I only spoke once, then I was the camera person or the 3rd person. LVE

Something that was challenging was being able to capture the audio and the people’s voices because it was quite windy yesterday and it was hard to grab the audio. PR

Next time something I would do differently is try to explain more about what we are doing for the interviews and about our unit. ED

Next time, I would step up and talk more because Eva did most of the talking. SG



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November 24th

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  1. Current events are due tomorrow. Evan C, Alex, Eva, Leo, Ethan, Supreet Remember to connect to the WHO WE ARE unit of inquiry.
  2. Check out your child’s blog about their visit to Stephen Avenue yesterday.
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November 23rd

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  1. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped make our trip a possibility!! The students were so excited to get interviews (and be rejected for interviews!). They were so resilient and found some awesome footage for their video that they’ll make.
  2. Ask them what their most favourite interview was and why?
  3. Ask them about what picture they took that represents Canada and why?
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Lunch Box Talks

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Today the students had a chance to sit down and have lunch with adults, most of whom they’ve never met. This was an opportunity for them to work on their professional skills – making eye contact, using a firm handshake (not a spaghetti handshake), proper discussion etiquette, conversation starters and more. We tried relating it to our current Unit of Inquiry by asking them “What does it mean to be Canadian?” as well as “What can we try to do to make our community a fantastic place to be?”

It was amazing to see students take part in a conversation, see their anxiety melt away and their confidence build up! Look below for some of the students’ thoughts:

I was surprised by how kind we could talk because we talked for the entire time. it all started with one question and that question was “in your opinion what does it mean to be Canadian.” We started talking about how Canada is multicultural and then where we like to travel and all sorts of stuff like that.

Next time, I’d like to let other people talk more because I felt like I was doing almost all the talking.

By Robyn

I was surprised that Dentist sponsors hockey teams and other sports teams and I am surprised that It is really hard to get into dental school.

Next time, I’d like to ask more questions because I didn’t ask that many questions.

By Riley

I was surprised that Miss Vickie signed up my partner and I for a program called go girl which is you go from 8 to 5 and you stay at the rec centre and do activities like tasting food and drinks, dancing and yoga to get our body’s healthy and strong.

Next time, I’d like to keep the conversation going and flowing so none of us get bored.

By Pria

I was surprised that she was so friendly relatable kind and amazing because usually around adults I’m not as social but I find she could just be someone I could talk with if I’m upset.

Next time, I’d like to talk more the reason why is kinda like the last answer but I am really glad to have met her.

By Kelsey P

I was surprised that another adult joined our group.

Next time I want to talk about something else.

By Abbey

I was surprised that once the conversation started it felt more comfortable talking to miss Moore   

Next time,I’d like to maybe ask more about her job because I feel like I didn’t ask lots about her job

By Leo

I was surprised that we took off from one conversation to another like we switched from what does it mean to be Canadian to New Brunswick.

Next time I can finish my sentence and talk more.

By Ethan

I was surprised that my adult was my dentist because at first it was kind of weird ( Dr. Jed Snatic was my adult.)

Next time, I’d like to have an adult that I don’t know because I already know lots about them.

By: Mikayla. G.

I was surprised that she talked about how she helped the community because she made something that chestermere did not have.

Next time, I’d like to ask questions a lot more.

By Anthony

I was surprised that when he was younger he wanted to be a professional soccer player and teacher and now he is a professional sachet player and teacher.

Next time I’ll have a stronger hand shake……well I did have a really good hand shake but I would like a … stronger one.

By: William

I was surprised when she said that her job was very time consuming because she says she’s a planner, than when I thought about it it made sense.

Next time, I’d like to keep the same conversation longer.

BY: Eva

I was surprised when she said she was going to stephen avenue.

Next Time i’d like to speak louder and talk more too.

BY Emma

I was surprised: That she kept the conversation going because me and Leo said a lot of question and thing we said and she answer a lot of out question and when we stop she would kept the conversation going so it wouldn’t get awkward.

Next time I’ll try to ask more questions because the ones I asked were kind of simple but I asked a lot.

By Denny

I was suprised that he was answer a lot question and what he did for livening

Next time, I’d like to ask more about how the work goes and how they do it.  

By Evan C

I was suprised  that the adults asked what our favourite hobbies are my favourite hobbie is video games.

Next time, I’d like to let the other kids in my group to ask more questions because I asked a lot of questions.

By Evan S

I was suprised that she was vary open in our conversations.

Next time, I’d like to ask more questions.

By Averie

I was suprised that he knows soccer teams and players.

Next time I’d like to improve on eye contact because I didn’t do it

By Alex

I was surprised that my adult worked at Chestermere Station dentist and Life Path. dentist.

Next time, I’d like to ask more questions and think out my questions more because I thought I out in my head, but when I said it, I said it all choppy.

Something I like about Lunch Box Talks is the conversation kept going and my adult and my group had great conversation starters, and questions that kept the conversation going.

By: Lily

I was surprised:That she worked at pwe when I was in grade 1 2 kindergarten.

Next time, I’d like to:Maybe I could  talk more and be less quiet because I didn’t talk much.

By: Supreet

I was suprised that Jeff older son hurt his shoulder when he did the mortercycle bike race.

Next time, I’d like to be in lunch box talk again because it was amazing what Jeff said.he said he would give the community to pour people.

By Denzel

I was surprised that the adult I had used to work at Prairie Waters because I did not expect it.

Next time, I’d like to find out more about her job because we talked more about what we learned in school and we talked about the different places in Canada.

I liked how we had a very flowing conversation and there weren’t any pauses.

By Erin

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