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Lunch box talks reflection

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On Friday, November 20th, 13 adults from the local community visited PWE to have lunch with 5T and 5W. In groups of 3 or 4, the students sat and ate lunch with their visitor for 30 minutes. With a focus on their professional skills, roles in a group conversation and discussing the topic of community, the students did wonderfully! Check some of their thoughts below, or their individual blogs for more reflections.

Learning more from an economic developer in Chestermere.

Learning more from an economic developer in Chestermere.

A very diverse set of backgrounds from our visitors.

A very diverse set of backgrounds from our visitors.

Lucky to have so great volunteers.

Lucky to have so great volunteers.

How did your conversation go? What did you learn?

I think our conversation went amazing because we talked most of the time about community and their job. Something that I learned was about a new job that is called economic developer the economic like the person or like the way you do it. Developer like the making or the maker. HG

I learned that my sister actually knows her son I also learned that she was the oldest in her family and she introduced her name was Mrs. Speidel. JN

I realized that when the economy is low Mr.Petrovich tries to find people jobs and when the economy is high he still does that but he tries to bring in new companys into Chestermere, so the people of Chestermere can get places faster and not have much pollution. Mr. Petrovich was the first Economic Developer . Before people could just say this is a good space to build something let’s build it. AP

My conversation with Mr Dry went very well. We always got him talking and we didn’t always stay on the same topic. We kept on changing topics and he told us about what he does and what he works for and I realized that he had the same alarm system app as me. LD

How were your conversation skills?

My conversation skills were way above average and he was very impressed with how much I knew about house alarms and how they work! LD

I think our conversation skills were excellent because we stood up shook hands and had no Spaghetti hands. We introduced our selves and made eye contact when talking and had manners. HG

I think my conversation skills were great because I had good eye contact and stood up when I shook Mrs. Crawfords hand. I also think my conversation skills were good because I also stood up and shook her hand when we had to leave and lunch was over. LS

I think my conversations with the group and the adult was good because after I asked a Question and it got us all talking and thinking more questions and also We stared saying stories and we took turns taking and a little bit of over talking then we taped each other on the knee to know if we are talking to much or say something. JN

How did you do as a professional?

I did very well on being professional and standing up to shake his hand when we came and left and we all did very good and I could tell by Mr. Dry’s facial expressions that he was very impressed with us. LD

I think I did well as a professional because I did a good job not laughing even if something is funny. LS

My professional skills were ok because I forgot eye contact while I was speaking. My greetings and goodbye was awesome. I shook both of their hands when they left. BR

What did you learn about the community?

I learned that Mr. Petrovich works very closely with the city planners that came before lunch box talks and that if Mr. Petrovich had to add a building it would be a hospital and I would take away a few restaurants and add them to a mall. AIP

I learned that we should have more family friendly places like the beach and the ice skating rink. CF

What I learned about the community is that Mr. Dry loves to do alarm systems and I learned that maybe the community might need another expert like me and he told us that winter is the best time that people like to break into other people’s houses. Bonus fact: Also Mr. Dry offered me a job as a alarm work plus he gave me a business card! LD

I learned that she has a job in the community were she talks to people that is in stress or in problems so they have someone to talk to. I also learned that she love our community because people help each other out if we have a flood and be kind t each other. JN

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