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Lunch Box Talks


This Friday, two of our Grade 5 classes had the chance to talk with adults from our community. They met in small groups over lunch, and had conversations about how our community works, and how we could make it better.

In preparation, the students worked on shaking hands, making eye contact with speakers, and asking questions to invite other people into conversations. We practiced balancing talking and listening time and maintaining appropriate body language as listeners. These are challenging skills for many ten and eleven-year-olds!

We were so grateful to all of our community guests, including Mo Speidel, Dwight Mervold, Adam Leavens, Scott Dry, Tommy Fleger, Amy Heaven, Fides Roshan, Jennifer Massig, Kathy Crawford, Gillian Parmar, David Petrovich, Justine Shoemaker, Erin Kilbride, and Daniel Ulmer, who made time to talk with the students.

Afterward, the students wrote reflections about the experience, but I wish I had recorded them verbally, because some of their written comments are missing some of my favourite pieces of what they said. Still, here are some of their observations and reflections:


I realized how much time it takes to write a story and how many stories there are. I really liked our conversation and learned lots of new things about Chestermere.

My conversation went very well. I think everyone in my group shared speaking and listening time very well.  I think my body language was good because I sat there without fiddling with anything. Overall I did very well and would love to do it again.

The conversation went well, because everyone listened to each other. I realized that some questions are really awkward. I learned that my adult was a football coach and that engineering is a cool job. All together it was a great experience.

We learned that some adults liked working with kids and some people want kids to talk more than them. My conversation skills were pretty good because I listened very good and because I balanced my talking.My body language was good because I did keep my hands on the table respectfully.

People had good eye contact, and the listening/talking was pretty balanced, except I probably spoke too much.

I think that my conversation went well cause we had an even share of talking and listening. We also learned about how the main people in charge of Chestemere are on the city council.

I think I did well. I introduced myself and stayed on topic. I need to focus on the person talking to me and not let myself stare out into space sometimes.

I learned about how Mrs. Speidel used to live on a farm. I think I did really well because I asked a question at the start and I did a good job with my body language and conversation skills.


We talked about business in my group, because adults like to talk about business, and what job you might want to join. We had a few mistakes, like when some people talked about money, but mostly our listening skills were good.

My conversation went very well. We talked about accounting, and I did not know Mrs. Parmar owned her own company. I balanced my listening skills and all together I was so good.

My conversation went great. I learned that some people had to go to a whole new town to go to school.

I think my conversation went really well, because I learned that you should make goals and keep them.


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