1 Feb 2018

100 word challenge-blaise

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There are three stachyoes  one small one and two big ones.

I think its in front of a restaurant.

I see a reflect shin of two people.

The bilding is blue.

Chaers and tabols are every were.

The stachyous are stone.

I think the stachyous are saying what a nice place.

I wonder if there a family of stachyous.

I see some plants.

I also see glass.

The doors are white so are the poles.

there is a metall rail on the glass.

I wonder how old the picher is.

I wonder if they are facing me.

there are briks.

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  1. Ms Breyley Says:

    Hi Blaise
    You have looked at the picture very carefully and noticed so much detail!
    I like the way you have started some sentences with ..I wonder.. because that made me think about those things too. I thought the statues were a family, perhaps Granny, mother and daughter.

    Ms Breyley. Burravoe School, Shetland Islands

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