18 Jan 2018

5SC #7 Danny

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I see a girl sitting on a bench near a table with some books she wearing a dress and a hat  and a cat beside her and in front of the book shop and it looks colourful.

It looks like it has a lot of books and I think if a lot of people buy all the books I think who ever sales them will have a lot of money.

The books look like pictures and I think that girl bought couple books.

There is some flower on the top of the store under the word The Book Store with a flag beside it by a mirror and a bench under it with a girl with pink clothes and a kitten sleeping beside it.

Some books are sale and some are  not and some with pictures some with no pictures some are big some are small some has a lot of words and some with not much words and some with great pictures and some with not that great pictures and some with non pictures and I think there is other things and it look colourful on the top of the store on the out side with some other things that are outside of the book store.


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