16 Oct 2017

5SC #3 Danny

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I see a train in the picture and I also see a pool or something and I see a lot of people and a stand.

There a train arriving to the station and some people are talking and some people are walking.

The train has smoke coming out and the train has a lot of windows so that you can look.

A train track is long and big and the train arrived fast and some people are standing near the train.

On top of the train hill there is houses/grass/fence.

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  1. Mrs Batham Says:

    Hi Danny
    We really enjoyed reading your description of the train picture.
    We think that you had great punctuation and spelling. We also thought that you did a good job of noticing lots of details in the picture.
    Next time you might try to include some of what you are feeling or doing in your story. This helps make your story interesting.
    Joel, Xavier, David, Deke and Kobi

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