100 word challenge week 8

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One day this girl and his family were at the zoo and they were walking and looking at all the animals then the little girl name was ally and ally was looking at all the animals and then she said omg there is pink giraffe and she said mom dad there a pink giraffe really that is so cool but it is time to go ally no please can we stay please no ally mom said no sweetie ok said ally and on the way home all she talked about the pink giraffe and then they got home dad said come we have to go to sleep at school the next day she told her teacher that is so cool and then they heard a sound it was a boy drilling.

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  1. Robyn
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    At the beginning of the story it said One day this girl and his family. And it would be better if you added ” when your charecters are speaking other than that you where great

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